Liquidseal is a post harvest product for use on perishable products in order to extend the shelf life and can be applied by means of spraying or dipping. Currently Liquidseal provides the following recipes:


Extending the life of perishable agricultural products in an innovative, sustainable and cost effective manner. By developing post harvest products, we provide solutions for growers and wholesalers in the floriculture and horticulture sector to improve the product quality and product shelf life.

The specific characteristics of Liquidseal also enable us to reduce product wastage and reducing the use of pesticides.


Our ambition is to develop a wide range of sustainable post harvest products that are versatile for our customers within the floriculture and horticulture. This we want to achieve by a continuous development and improvement from the Liquidseal recipes in our own Research & Development department.

Liquidseal boost your ECOnomic results!