Collaboration boosts sustainability of ornamental plant products

Two post harvest professionals have decided to collaborate in order to increase the shelf life of ornamental plant products. With the necessary customization of Jamafa Machinery and innovative Liquidseal packaging/coatings, a mayor step forward can be made. This collaboration offers companies like Van Kleef, Fontana and Ravine Roses a complete solution to extend the shelf life of ornamental plant products like roses and carnations. Jamafa’s modern machines are usually delivered customer-specific and are equipped with the latest technology. The spray units on the machines have been developed by Jamafa for optimal application of Liquidseal coatings.






The specific properties of the coatings allow growers not only to extend shelf life but also to avoid product waste and to reduce the use of crop protection products.

Fontana: Fontana says that they are very pleased with the processing line: “Our ideas about how flower processing should look like, was realized exactly by Jamafa Machinery. In addition, it was our wish to install some add-ons, including a spray unit from Liquidseal. This also was done smoothly and quickly, and now we are looking at how to optimize the processing line further.”

Karel van Hattum of Jamafa: “At the moment we have 8 machines in production in Kenya and 3 are under construction. Growers are gaining more and more confidence in mechanical processing. For the servicing of the machine, we have sought for a cooperation with a local agent who, after 1 year of training, is well able to do the servicing and installation of the machines at local rates.”

Victor Monster of Liquidseal Flowers: “Our product-specific formulas provide a proven longer shelf life of perishable products like carnations, gerberas, lily bulbs and roses. Liquidseal’s environmentally friendly coatings are applied to the product by spraying or dipping. Throughout the world we work with a large network of dedicated representatives, who guarantee good advice and proper guidance.”