Liquidseal, packaging products for organic fruit

We are proud to announce that our innovative packaging products can be used on organic fruit.

Recently, we asked Kiwa1 to check if our products, documentation, and production are compliant with the legislations for organic products. Kiwa is an acknowledged and reliable leader in certification, active in more than 40 countries. After in-depth research1 KIWA declares that our ultrathin packaging products are compliant with all relevant legislation for organic products.

Worldwide, the last few years have seen a major shift with the need and wish for more sustainable agriculture. As a producer of innovative, ultra-thin packaging products, people easily make the link between sustainability and the Liquidseal philosophy. Indeed, the Liquidseal philosophy is to develop and improve sustainable products to reduce fruit losses and to reduce the need of pesticides. Our business partners and organic farmers in several countries underlie the potential for Liquidseal for organic products.

We are looking forward discovering with our relations how our products for tropical fruits avocado – citrus – mango – papaya can be implemented on their organic products.



2 Implementation of the articles EC No. 1935/2004, EU No. 10/2011, EC No. 2023/2006, EC No. 889/2008, EC No. 834/2007, FDA 21 CFR 170-199, FDA 21 CFR 174.5, GRAS laws is checked in-depth. For more information, please call or mail us (+31 (0)71 3014314,